November Empties

by Katie Gambill in , ,

Well what better way to start a new blog with some empties! What is an empty? An empty is something you've finished or emptied during the month. Usually my list of monthly empties is very short, especially compared to my hauls... What can I say? At least I am using everything I've bought! So I've got that going for me... which is nice... 

I am so excited to announce I have finished my first makeup empty before it expired! Yay! I purchased Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in black back in April during Sephora's 15% off sale. I do not wear makeup everyday but I do try to practice, usually before I shower, especially when I'm practicing that dastardly winged liner. Because my monolids fold over on themselves, some of this liner does rub off throughout the day, but it does not give me raccoon eyes and I will continue to use this until I find something better. I love the felt tip liner and not having to dip it back into the liner liquid. I have already repurchased a replacement. 

My second empty is the CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion. This will be repurchased this week when it's available at my grocery store. CeraVe is a drugstore lotion so it's very affordable and is very hydrating which is important, especially in the colder months. When it's extremely cold out I use their moisturizing cream which is thicker than lotion. Sometimes I will use it as a facial moisturizer too. 

My last November empty are cotton rounds. I use them to take off my nail polish so I go through them fairly regularly. These will be repurchased as well. I know it's not very exciting but it's something, right?